Friday, July 25, 2008

The Vanishing Dogs

Last Saturday was Chobok - the beginning of the hottest part of summer. It's a day, traditionally, for eating special food for summer. So far though it hasn't really been hot - just lots of rain and a typhoon. I took the bus to visit a friend a few hours away, settled on cold noodles for lunch - not particularly a summery food, but it's refreshing. And it kept on raining. Returned by bus in the rain.

The next day walking our dog past the neighbouring farms it was amazingly quiet. All their dogs had vanished since Friday. The most traditional food for eating in this early summer season is ... yes. That's why it was so quiet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer in the Friary

A hot summer's day here. Humid. Wall paper sagging and damp floor humidity.

Do we do good things for the environment?

Yesterday backing the car up the driveway I ran over a large green frog. Spectacularly.

Last night while moving some papers on the floor of my room a large centipede ran out, and scuttled under through a gap of several millimetres under the wardrobe. This is just in the very position where I put down my mat for sleeping. Not wishing to wake up with a centipede crawling over me, I sprayed fly spray under the wardrobe. Fly spray doesn't kill centipedes; just makes them groggy and cross. It staggered out but I was ready with a fly swat. Fly swats are very ineffective also against centipedes. Eventually it was dead, by which time the greater silence had been well and truly shattered.

(Centipedes have been around since the Silurian age. No wonder they're hard to kill.)

This morning one of the toilets was blocked, so I had the joy of unblocking it with a plunger bearing the proud slogan, "With as slogan of 'Clean Environment' we wish to be a good citizen to the Human Life."