Friday, December 22, 2006

Back in Korea

This blog was going to be frequently written to but the last month has been busy. I finally got my work finished despite my best efforts at procrastination. (Thank you to those who invited me to come and clean their rooms as well - sorry I didn't make it!)

I'm back in Korea at the friary and getting ready for Christmas. The cards have gone out. I've made some decorated candles for the chapel and dinner table. Maybe we'll have four guests for Christmas dinner. Maybe eight. We'll know when they turn up or don't turn up.

On my way back here last week the news emerged that Brother Justus, an American brother in Papua New Guinea, suddenly died of pneumonia in the PNG Highlands. We have all been feeling this loss very much. He was a candidate for Minister General in the elections which we had just begun. We will need to begin these elections again in the new year.

I'm preparing for other work soon - 3 months in New Zealand and Australia. Then back to Korea. And finally back to England again for the next term of my study in advanced procrastination.